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Bottazzi, E; Catenacci, C; Ferrario, R; R.Trypuz,

Intenzioni Collettive Non Mediate. Inproceedings

Greco, A; Penco, C; Sandini, G; Zaccaria, R (Ed.): Atti de Secondo Convegno dell'Associazione Italiana di Scienze Cognitive. Scienze Cognitive e Robotica, Genova (Italy), 26-27 October, pp. 136–138, 2006.

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Troquard, Nicolas; Trypuz, Robert; Vieu, Laure

Towards an ontology of agency and action: From STIT to OntoSTIT+ Inproceedings

Bennett, B; Fellbaum, C (Ed.): Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference FOIS 2006, Baltimore, Maryland (USA), November 9-11, pp. 179–190, IOS Press, 2006.

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Trypuz, Robert

Spór o wartość logiczną norm. Logika norm a logika deontyczna Journal Article

Roczniki Filozoficzne, LII (1), pp. 293–316, 2004.

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